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Other Products

Item # Size Price
Equipulmin herbal formula opens the airways. Specially formulated for horses with lung and breathing disorders. 138 1 gallon $165.00
RespirActin 139 32 oz $45.00
RespirActin is a pleasant tasting liquid which opens the airways quickly, providing cleaner breathing and relief from allergies, asthma, hay fever, coughing, runny nose, and chlorine drip. RespirActin may also aid oxygen transport to the tissues of athletes when taken 20 minutes before a workout.      
L-Lysine (Monohydrochloride 98.5% pure) 145 5 lbs $20.00
As an essential amino acid, lysine is not syinthesized in animals, hence it must be ingested as lysine or lysine containing proteins.
L-Lysine is a necessary building block for all protein in the body. L-Lysine plays a major role in calcium absorption, building muscle protein, recovering for surgery or sport injuries, and the body’s production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies.

Heel Products

Hepeel 164 10 amps $31.00
A homeopathic medication which can help the primary and secondary functional disorders of the liver or damaged liver.      
Lyphosot 155 30 ml $25.00
Lyphosot is one such preparation that safely and effectively stimulates the lymphatic organs and supports the detoxification function of the lymphatic system.
Traumeel 149 5 amps $55.00
Traumeel’s claim to fame is it’s anti-inflammatory properties. It can applied externally to muscle strains, sprains, or dislocation, fractures, swellings of the tissue, tendons, or arthritic joints. Traummeel can also be given internally in drop form. It is particularly effective immediately after trauma, injury, or surgery. 165 30 ml $28.00
177 50 tablets $20.00
182 250 g gel $85.00

Zeel 148 5 amps $67.00
A homeopathic medication which can help control arthritic pain and slow down the degeneration of cartilage. Zeel relieves pain, controls inflammation and reduces stiffness.
Echinacea 152 5 amps $65.00
Stimulation of the body’s own defence mechanisms in cases of fever, inflammation and influenza-like infections. For minor injuries with a tendency to inflammation, also for skin afflictions.      
Engystol 178 50 tablets $20.00
To stimulate the body’s own defence system with vascular and sympathetic action in feverish viral diseases. In general it has a regenerating effect in skin diseases like eczema, puritus, otis externa, inter-vertebral disk disease. 196 5 amps $60.00
Hormeel 156 10 amps $50.00
To regulate endocrine functions. Helps with disturbances of the female cycle and infertility. 166 30 ml $29.00
Thuja 185 10 amps $35.00
To be used in conjunction with vaccinations.      


Comfrey 157 1 lb $20.00
Usage: Internally - To encourage healing of bone and tissue. Good for respiratory conditions, arthritis, rheumatism, diarrhoea and bleeding.
Usage: Externally - As a poultice for wounds, sprain, boils and abscesses.
Dosage: Add 1 Tbsp of product into a non-metallic container, pour approximately 1 cup of boiling water over the leaves and let steep 5-10 minutes then pour over feed daily. May also feed leaves dry.
Garlic 154 1 lb $25.00
Usage: Internally - Commonly used to repel flies and insects. Helps with coughs and respiratory disorders, rheumatism, aids digestion and intestinal infections. Because it is a natural anti-biotic, it helps to control fevers and works to combat viruses.
Dosage: 1 Tbsp added to feed daily.
Nettles 140 250 g $17.00
Usage: Haemorrhaging, anaemia, rheumatism, arthritis, laminitis, sweet itch, spring tonic, allergies, milk production, appetite, coat and skin. Provides iron and vitamin C to help strengthen and enhance the circulatory system. Helps in the elimination of waste products through the functions of the liver and kidneys. An extremely good blood tonic that can “quicken the spirit” particularly in a thoroughbred.
Dosage: 1 Tbsp added to feed daily.
Red Clover 136 1 lb $17.50
Usage: Used for coughs, diarrhoea and acts as a blood cleanser for skin problems such as mud fever. It also has calming and sedative qualities and can be helpful in the treatment for melanomas.
Dosage: In a non-metallic container, pour approximately 1 cup of boiling water over 1 Tbsp of product and let steep 5-10 minutes then pour over feed daily. May also feed dry.
Raspberry Leaf 135 1 lb $17.00
Usage: A useful aid for the foaling mare. Ideally fed about one month before and after foaling. Tones pelvic and uterine muscles and enhances milk. Can also be helpful in the treatment of diarrhoea and mouth ulcers.
Dosage: In a non-metallic container, pour approximately 1 cup of boiling water over 1 Tbsp of leaves and let steep 5-10 minutes then pour over feed daily. May also feed leaves dry.
Tumeric 151 1 lb $16.00
Usage: This herb is a seasoning that is beneficial and supports as an anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, bowel health and supports a positive environment for healthy bacteria and enzymes in the gut. It also is supportive in detoxifying and in pancreatic action, as well as supports phase 2 digestion with liver function. Can be used as a support with horses that tend to colic as it helps with constipation and balances the lower GI tract.
Dosage: 1-2 heaping Tbsp with feed daily.
Yucca Root Powder 163 1 lb $20.00
Usage: It has been discovered that Yucca roots contain a high concentration of saponins, natural substances which are similar to steroids such as cortisone. Yucca reduces inflammation of the joints and so is primarily used for arthritic and rheumatoid conditions. Is also high in fiber and can be beneficial for intestinal problems.
Dosage: 1 Tbsp once or twice a day.

Pet Products

Prime Pet Bone and Joint 150 16 oz $39.00
A blend for overall health. Herbs traditionally used to: Discourage fleas, promote optimal urinary health, ease the effects of aging, boost the immune system, promote healthy skin and coat. Concentrating on bone and joint health.
Ingredients: Parsley Leaf, Foti, Eleurthero, Oregon Grape Root, Milk Thistle, Kelp, Dandelion Root, Garlic, Rose Hips, Peeking, Astragalus, Doug Quai, Alfalfa, Artemesia, Fennel, Devils Claw, Pea Powder.
Suggested Use: For cats and small dogs, 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. For big dogs 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.
Give’er To My Liver 147 8 oz $22.00
Herbs traditionally used for support and nourish the liver.
Ingredients: Milk Thistle Seeds, Burdock Root, Rose Hips, PauDac Arco, Dandelion Root, Parsley Leaf.
Suggested Use: For small cats and dogs, 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. For big dogs, 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.


Herbs are classified as food, instead of drugs or medications. All statements, claims, and testimonials regarding each herb, herbal compounds and the specific product represented and available for sale are the opinion and/or experience of the individual and may not necessarily produce the same or similar results in every horse. Never attempt to self-diagnose or treat a symptom which has not been properly diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian.