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Equine Choice

Equine Choice® Probiotics and Prebiotics

When an animal is stressed, one of the first bodily systems affected is the digestive system. Stress causes the release of hormones that depletes the numbers of beneficial micro flora in the digestive tract. Non-beneficial organisms then flourish, shifting pH levels, secreting compounds that damage the intestinal walls, and block enzyme secretions that are essential for  nutrient absorption.  Damage to the intestinal walls and an upset in proper pH levels cause poor digestion, resulting in inefficient nutrient uptake and lowered immunity.

Equine Choice® Probiotics are specifically researched and formulated for equines. They provide a concentrated source of stable, live, protected and reproducible yeasts, digestive enzymes and temperature stable bacteria. It aids digestion in the stomach and small intestine, and stabilizes pH in the hind gut. Equine Choice® has a unique coating that allows it to be released throughout the horses entire digestive system, enabling significant amounts of live probiotic to reach the horses hind gut - where your horse really needs it.

Equine Choice® is not a drug and no withdrawal time is necessary.

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Item # Size Price
Probiotics Oral Paste (tube) 179 80 g $23.95
The highly concentrated oral paste is designed for use during antibiotic or anti-inflammatory therapies, deworming, colic, diarrhea, prior to/during transport, or for foal scours. The oral paste can be used in conjunction with the feed supplement to boost probiotic levels in cases of diarrhea or high stress times such as long haul transport or intense competition.      
Probiotics Feed Supplement 197 2 kg $45.50
The feed supplement is added to the daily rations. Used for horses needing ongoing digestive support due to training/showing schedules, and for horses requiring it during certain times of year or for health issues. 198 5 kg $105.00


Herbs are classified as food, instead of drugs or medications. All statements, claims, and testimonials regarding each herb, herbal compounds and the specific product represented and available for sale are the opinion and/or experience of the individual and may not necessarily produce the same or similar results in every horse. Never attempt to self-diagnose or treat a symptom which has not been properly diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian.