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4 Horses Formulas emerged out of a desire to care for our own horses. We searched at length to find remedies from the most natural sources. Animals are instinctive healers who respond to natural elements and often look to soils, plants, trees, and even seasons to heal themselves. Chinese Herbal Medicine, being the world’s oldest, safest, and most comprehensive form of medicine, provided us with the answer. 4 Horses Formulas have provided us with wonderful healing benefits, and strong and happy horses. We trust that they will for you and your horses too.

All of 4 Horses Formulas are prepared from top quality, human-grade herbs which are finely ground into a powdered tea that is easy to feed. Simply steep the tea in a non-metallic container for 15 minutes and add to grain. It is easy to use and your horses will Love the taste!

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Item # Size Price
Blood & QI #1 168 100 g $45.00
This potent formula nourishes and regulates the blood. It assists in balancing hormones and aid in general circulation. Blood & Qi #1 is excellent for short term use or to prepare for breeding season.      
Blood & QI #2 174 100 g $45.00
This formula is an overall tonic to increase the strength and vitality of the body by nourishing the blood and strengthening the immune system. It combats fatigue and poor digestion by cleaning the organs thus improving organ function. Blood & Qi #2 is an excellent formula on its own or when combined with other formulas to give a fatigued horse a boost.      
Canine Stiff Joints 175 100 g $40.00
This formula has the same properties as the Equine Stiff Joints, but is formulated for your canine companion. It assists with painful, stiff joints that accompany age or conditions such as hip displasia. Brew as a tea and pour over food dogs love the taste!      
LTK-A 172 100 g $65.00
This formula is good for an older horse, or bone-related issues. It aids in moving calcifications, sciatica, disk and inter-vertebral problems while killing pain. LTK-A is also good for a young horse when bone problems are occurring as a result of over-training.      
LTK-Y 169 100 g $65.00
This formula is good for a young horse or one with soft tissue related problems. It aids in ridding the body of stiffness and overcoming the onset of tendonitis and arthritis. LTK-Y can shorten the recovery period from injuries by helping to speed the regeneration and repair of tissue.      
Moving Joints & Pain 173 100 g $45.00
This formula encourages and invigorates blood circulation especially in the muscle, tendons, and bones. It strengthens and repairs the body against minor injuries, bowed tendons, strains, sprains, tears and inflammation in the joints. It is also an excellent choice to feed after surgery. Horses can be used while on this formula as Moving Joints & Pain increases overall energy and vitality while killing pain.      
Sole Plus 170 100 g $45.00
This formula aids in the growth, re-growth and development of the sinew, bones, tendons, and cartilage that comprise the hoof. It primarily activates blood flow in the hoof and hind-end area to strengthen. Sole Plus is helpful for viral horses whose front end has compensated for a weak hind end. Sole Plus has analgesic properties to alleviate pain. Horses can continue to be used while on this formula.      
Stiff Joints 176 100 g $45.00
This formula assists painful, stiff extremities, joints, and tight muscles. Stiff Joints is generally used for the older horse. This horse may have some windpuffs on the hind legs. This formula is slower acting, as it expels dampness and edema while increasing blood flow to the extremities, primarily from shoulder to hoof and hip to hoof. Horses can continue to be used while on this formula.      
Viral Formula 171 100 g $45.00
This formula is used for a ten day cycle to clear a virus. It boosts the blood, balances the hormones and gut, while it detoxifies the liver, clears the lungs and often helps with irritability. Not to be used while in competition.      


Herbs are classified as food, instead of drugs or medications. All statements, claims, and testimonials regarding each herb, herbal compounds and the specific product represented and available for sale are the opinion and/or experience of the individual and may not necessarily produce the same or similar results in every horse. Never attempt to self-diagnose or treat a symptom which has not been properly diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian.